i just met you
i just talked to you
and i miss you
i miss what i can't ever have

if i could only make this go away
these barriers that keep us apart
everything that doesn't let me be
just be

this torture i put myself to
the silence that kills me
i have so much to say
and so afraid to say it

maybe in the end
this is just another test
a test that i've completly failed
and i guess i haven't learned

what i need is a friendly word
a true and sweet shoulder i can cry on
smart but innocent
wise but passionate

what if you aren't real
what if i'm not real
it couldn't fuckin matter
cause the void has always been arround.

lets forget who we are
lets run away from all this pain
the misery and loneliness that suffocates
to some place far deep inside our minds

i've always waited for it
the sweet, warm and wet kiss
everyone talks about that i never felt
i wanna live and love!